The HOLCHIM  decorative flooring has a thickness between 6.8 and 10 mm and is made out of natural quartz, coloured quartz or marble granules, blended in a layer of synthetic resin. This is characterised by exceptional stability and resistance and has an extraordinary aesthetic and chromatic effect.

       Our emulsion paints are based on styrene acrylic resins, pigments, extenders and additives. These fast-drying paints have great coverage, excellent washability, wear and tear resistance and good appearance .

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Our decorative plasters are made from acrylic styrene resin, additives and fillers with a diameter of 1-3 mm. They have excellent coverage, good adherence to numerous types of surfaces, great resistance to dirt and scratches, weather resistance, hydrophobicity and vapour permeability.

The water-based adhesives are vinyl acetate homopolymers used in the wood, paper and textile industries, typography or as raw material for the manufacturing of water based paints. Adhesives based on acrylic vinyl acetate copolymers are used in the packaging and labelling industry.

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