S.C. HOLCHIM SRL is a company with fully private Romanian capital, established in 2004. Our main activity is the production of water-based paints, decorative plasters and polyvinyl acetate adhesives, as well as the application of HOLCHIM decorative flooring.

In 2004 we started manufacturing polyvinyl acetate adhesive, which is achieved through the polymerisation of monomeric vinyl acetate.


In 2010, we developed cement based products, such as the DALBA decorative plaster, which is available at half of the price of decorative plasters based on acrylic resins.

In 2010, production reached almost 2000 tons and the turnover was almost EUR 1,000,000.

As of 2007, our main activity has been the production of water based paints and decorative plasters. HOLCHIM produces a wide variety of interior and exterior emulsion paints, decorative plasters, primers and polyvinyl acetate adhesive, under the brands Coramet and Dalba.


In 2013, HOLCHIM had a turnover of RON 6,000,000 and reached 6th place in the national ranking of small enterprises registered under the 2030 industry code. The ranking is based on annual turnover.


In 2009, HOLCHIM developed a proprietary method of application of decorative flooring, which is unique in Romania. Our products are made out of natural quartz, coloured quartz or marble granules, blended in a layer of synthetic resin, which make the floorings stable and exceptionally durable. Our clients love most of all their decorative effect and the almost infinite design possibilities, which can be achieved through various patterns and colour schemes.

In December 2015, it was completed and put into operation the new technological line for production of washable paints, plasters and water-based varnish, the project was financed by European funds , the POSCCE projgram,axis 1.1. The project totalises 1789 637.66 lei.

The benefits of this project are: the creation of new jobs, paintings automatic production and the increase of products quality.


Recent Projects