CORAMET Interior Easy Wash Emulsion Paint (White)

Based on styrene acrylic resin, this product offers a bright white colour and excellent washability .

Package 1L - 2,5L - 4L - 8,5L - 15L - 40KG/bucket.

Appearance: homogenous, viscous, white colour

Density: 1.60 – 1.64 g/ml

Viscosity: 6500 – 8500 cP

Good coverage: approx 13 – 15 m2/L/layer

Maximum dilution of paint: 10%

Uses: Emulsion paint, used to decorate walls with/without thermal insulation.


Shelf life:

12 months from the production date, in optimal storage conditions (temperature between 5⁰C and 30⁰C). Avoid temperatures below 0⁰C.

  • Application temperature:  5⁰C - 30⁰C

Technical agreement: 002-04/1149-2011