HOLCHIM decorative floorings have a thickness of 6, 8 or 10 mm and are made out of natural quartz, coloured quartz or marble granules, blended in a layer of synthetic resin, which renders the flooring stable and exceptionally durable.

These floorings have a unique decorative effect, thanks to the many design possibilities, which can be achieved through various patterns and colour schemes.

The most important properties of the decorative floorings are:

  • easy maintenance (stains can be removed easily)
  • guaranteed hygyene (no dust deposited)
  • hardly flammable
  • noise reduction
  • UV resistance
  • recommended for underfloor heating
  • comfortable to walk on
  • good resistance to weight and wear and tear
  • fast installation over any existent underlayer
  • resistance to freezing/unfreezing
  • no formation of puddles
  • nonslip surface
  • can be used for new constructions and renovations